Welcome to IBC 43

Back and better than ever, the refreshed Intensive Bioethics Course will run from June 6-8, 2019, offering stimulating and shorter plenary lectures followed by small-group discussions. The updated course’s much greater emphasis on clinical bioethics will involve a major contribution from the university’s esteemed Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics

The Intensive Bioethics Course (IBC) is being relaunched after a careful review of how it can best cater to the needs and interests of healthcare professionals, and others wishing to deepen their understanding of bioethics, in the 21st century.

IBC 43 will provide the same immersive, intensive experience as before but in a new, streamlined three-day format. Day 1 (led by experts from the KIE) will explore ethical theory, including core ethical principles and issues in global bioethics. Day 2 (led by experts from Georgetown’s Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics) will focus on key issues and challenges in clinical bioethics. Day 3 will focus on contemporary and emerging bioethical issues and will also feature an optional session for those working in healthcare settings with a religious orientation.  The course will retain its popular small-group discussion sessions that will follow on from now more concise plenary talks.

We look forward to welcoming you to the historic campus of Georgetown University in Washington DC as we renew, in a congenial and conversational environment, our commitment to top-quality professional education in bioethics.

Registration for IBC 43 is closed, as we have reached our maximum capacity.

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